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Samsung, the Korean technological giant, has introduced a new premium screen, the expected Wall Luxury at InfoComm 2019 in Orlando, Florida.

The Wall Luxury is acclaimed as an important development in home entertainment due to its unique and innovative modular design.

Using a system of modular LED panels, the user personalizes his unit to adapt to any space. Instead of being limited to the usual 16: 9 ratio, the Wall Luxury can be arranged to fit perfectly into the user's space. It is versatile enough to adapt to all kinds of unusual and inspired places, from flat walls to pillars and even door frames.

Damon Crowhurst, Head of Visual Display at Samsung United Kingdom, comments: "As the first modular LED display solution for the world's consumer, The Wall Luxury offers maximum flexibility for people who want to customize their homes with custom-made screen solutions. " Wall Luxury as "design delivery without compromising high-end technology".

Ordinary screens, no matter how advanced they are, can be intrusive and dominate a space. Instead of requiring the interior design of a room to work around the TV, the Wall Luxury can be reconfigured to fit the user's ideal design.

As Damon Crowhurst points out: "Consumers will no longer have to sacrifice the design of their home to fit the standard screen sizes." With the luxury of Samsung's Wall Wall, we offer endless screen size and shape possibilities that reimagine the experience of total display ".

The Wall Luxury does not rely on its innovative laurels. In addition to its modularity and physical flexibility, it also offers a clear viewing experience. The pixels have a width of only 0.8 mm, which allows high-resolution images to be obtained. Combined with a precise gray scale for exceptional contrast and HDR10 + for excellent brightness, this allows for perfect image clarity regardless of lighting.

To ensure that there is no image distortion, no matter how you set up your device, Wall Luxury uses AI scaling technology to provide you with the perfect image quality in any size or proportion. The integrated Quantum processor guarantees the ideal image, regardless of what you are watching, from programs transmitted by high-end graphics or sequences.

The Wall Luxury has two modes: entertainment mode and ambient mode. The entertainment mode offers immersive visual experiences, whether you're enjoying your favorite movie or miss out on the latest video game.

On the contrary, the Ambient mode allows you to enjoy your Wall Luxury as a visual background, showing illustrations, photographs or your choice of static or moving images. The Décor Frame and Infinity Design functions turn it into a widescreen TV into an elegant visual center with almost no borders that will give life to its interior.

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