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GamersGate was a pioneer in the download of video games.

In 2004, Swedish video game developer Paradox Interactive created the concept that GamersGate founded: the sale of direct download games protected by DRM in response to the increasing demand of its fans. This is the birth of "Paradox on Demand", a distribution system as economical for the merchant as satisfactory for the buyers. An electronic commerce site, finally called GamersGate, is launched in 2006. Initially reserved for the productions of Paradox Interactive, gamersgate.com proposes later, as of 2008, games designed by other developers. Now that it is an independent company, GamersGate is now a strong competitor of Steam, another pioneer in the sale of downloadable videogames, thanks to a well-stocked catalog, which is enriched with almost a thousand new titles per year.

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A catalog 100% of video games.

gamersgate.com offers a catalog of more than 6000 strategy, action or simulation games to download for Mac, PC, Linux and Android. Unique or "package" (batch), there is enough to satisfy all players. Some of the most popular titles on the site include:

  • Assassin & # 39; s Creed

  • BioShock Infinite

  • Borderlands

  • out of the planet

  • Call of Duty

  • Bus simulator

  • earthworms

  • Endless legend

  • civilization

  • South Park

More than 250 developers.

Among the main video game developers sold by GamersGate, you will find for example:

… but also independent developers.

Good deals GamersGate

A videogame at a very low price? This is possible thanks to the GamersGate reductions of up to 90%. In gamersgate.com, go to the homepage of the "Offers" section and find all the current special offers in a wide range of videogames. One of the best deals we can offer you if you have a limited budget or are looking for a really economical videogame is to go to the "$ 1 or less" section, where you can find a great selection of video games for less than 1 EUR. ! You can enjoy buying games for 0.30 EUR or less! You can also take advantage of very attractive rates and get some good offers in the scheduled instant sales of GamersGate at certain times of the year, such as Christmas, where you can enjoy the "Christmas sale" and enjoy discounts of up to 75%.

Blue coins for active players.

GamersGate is distinguished by an original loyalty program, based on the acquisition of Blue Coins, a virtual currency that you can use to pay for gamersgate.com. You can earn blue coins by different means, including:

  • simply making purchases on the site: with each order, you automatically earn the equivalent of 5% of the total amount of your basket in Blue Coins,

  • writing game reviews on gamersgate.com,

  • subscribing to the GamersGate newsletter,

  • Involving you in the "Game Tutor Program", that is, participating (in English) in the self-help forum integrated in the site, in order to provide answers to the problems encountered by other players. Whenever you find a relevant solution, approved by the moderator of the forum, you will be rewarded with Blue Coins. Then you have twelve months to spend your virtual currency on the site.

GamersGate members are divided into different levels, ranging from 1 to 5, depending on their activity on the site. Level 1 is automatically assigned to you after creating your GamersGate customer account. Later, the more you order and participate, the more your level increases. Some special actions, such as buying additional blue coins to edit a gift card, or participating in the "Game Tutoring Program," are assumed to have previously acquired a minimum level of 2. Depending on your level, you can also access additional promotions on the site, exclusively for active members.

GamersGate in social networks

GamersGate is present in English-speaking social networks, through a Facebook page and an account twitter, where you will find special offers.

The GamersGate newsletter

You can subscribe to the GamersGate newsletter, either by creating your customer account on the site, simply by checking the box "Sign up for the GamersGate newsletter" or later from your account, going to the "Account settings" section, then in "Account information" and check the "I want to receive the GamersGate bulletin" box. You will be regularly informed about the news and special offers offered by the site.

Digital products: simplified sales conditions.

You can pay at gamersgate.com with credit card, credit card or Paypal. You can also use a "My Paysafecard" account (with a 5% charge), a Skrill digital wallet or Blue Coins, the virtual currency of the site.

GamersGate only offers products to download, there are no special delivery conditions and you do not have to pay shipping costs to the merchant. Keep in mind that you have the option, if you make a gift purchase, to schedule a direct email to your recipient, making your purchase through the "Gift Center" section, accessible from your GamersGate customer account. To access the video games after the purchase, simply download them (using, if you play in a Mac environment, the "GamersGateDownloader" application provided by the site).

Due to the special nature of the items sold, you can not request an exchange or refund, unless you have not yet downloaded the product. In this case, your refund request must be made within a maximum of fourteen calendar days. To avoid any rejection of your refund request, make sure that, before making any purchase, the title you have chosen is compatible with your operating system and that, therefore, you can use it. It adapts well to the tastes of its recipient if it is a gift.

Find answers and solutions on gamersgate.com

In case of any question or problem, GamersGate encourages you to use different online tools before contacting, possibly, customer service. The site includes a section of frequently asked questions and a database with an integrated search engine, which lists the answers to the most frequently asked questions. You can also take advantage of the tips and explanations of GamersGate community members by interviewing them (or in English) or by searching the site's self-help forum, especially if your request relates to the installation or content of the site. a game.

For any other problem or question, you can request help through an electronic form.

The telephone number of the Swedish company in France is +46 46 8 56 61 48 00, but GamersGate does not encourage it.

The registered office of the company is Tulegatan 11, 11353 Stockholm, Sweden.