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Team Kinguin no longer exists. Once known as the esports branch of the Kinguin digital market, the organization went through a rebranding in January of this year, although it did not last long before another major change occurred. Black Devils was originally what became the Kinguin Team, but soon they encountered questions related to the names and people were quick to point out that some may find it offensive.

On February 19, another new set of brands was introduced to the world instead of Black Devils: devils. This identity is much less controversial on the surface, and leaves no room for people to attribute it to anything that might offend. The team behind the organization did not expect the rocky reception of the Black Devils and they are convinced that they never tried to hurt or annoy anyone.

During a visit to Esports Performance Center of Kinguin In Warsaw, Poland, we sit down with Viktor Wanli, founder and CEO of Kinguin to learn about the test.

Black devils
Image credit: Kinguin

Esports Insider: Why did you decide to change the name of Team Kinguin to devils.one?

Viktor Romaniuk Wanli - Kinguin - Founder
Viktor Wanli, founder and CEO of Kinguin

Viktor Wanli: In business terms, we have achieved such a maturity of the business team at such a level that they were already in reality to take the next step.

Years ago, I tried to have an organization that was supported by Kinguin, but it was not a success. I could not get the people of Kinguin involved enough (Nihilum Gaming) and did not have enough resources to allow an organization to operate at a high level from the beginning. That was a great lesson.

We made a change of brand to Team Kinguin, we committed many resources of the company in the project and then it turned out to be much more successful because, simply, people felt more committed to the brand in which they have been working for so many years. Gradually, the team has matured in terms of its structure, its talent, its independence from Kinguin, and so on.

"I looked very intensely at the heritage and history of Poland"

Finally, we managed to make a very important contract in Maciej Sawicki, the head of the organization. He brought a lot of talent from a team that he used to work with, they were a good combination with our existing talent and took us to another professional level. Right now you can say, commercially, devils.one is the most successful organization we have in Poland in both sports and sports.

ESI: What is the story behind the Black Devils brand that you adopted temporarily?

VW: The idea behind Black Devil's was very simple. I checked very intensely Poland's heritage and history to see if we can find a dynamic name for the organization that is also related to some history of the proud Polish nation. I discovered that in the Second World War, there was only one armored division of the Polish army and that it had a nickname of "black demons".

We were quite surprised by the reception. Of course, we had to contextualize the realities that a country that does not speak English will face. It was a calculation error. However, to be honest, the final action that really forced us to rethink this very seriously was basically to ban the publication of the Black Devils account on Facebook. The platform would actually liquidate any comment on the account.

Image credit: devils.one

ESI: How did you come to the identity of the demons, once you decided to leave Black Devils behind?

VW: Those in charge of managing the team really came to the case and declared that they would have a solution to the problem. I let them work very creatively on the issue and they came up with several proposals on how to deal with the problem, including a completely new team name. Through a joint discussion, we decided that we want to remain as "key words" in the "demons": we had already produced many messages and values ​​defined around them.

One of the propositions was that the organization was named as & # 39; devils.one & # 39 ;; keeping the "demons" but adding to that, maintaining the basic values ​​and brand work that we had done so far.

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