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Disclaimer: this revision is from the Nintendo Switch version of the game and was played mainly in portable mode.

YIIK: A postmodern role-playing game It's a game I've been following and anticipating for quite some time. This game was never in Kickstarter, being mainly a passion project built by a small studio for five years. The game showed promise and was picked up by a relatively fast editor, and many people have been eagerly waiting for the game. Through many difficulties and even a death in the family, the two brothers at Ackk Studios have done a lot of work to make the game of their dreams come true. And that shows us; This game has a genuine and honest heart and was clearly built with love.

That makes it even more painful that the end result is a game that is so charming and captivating in its presentation, but that it is also such an absolute failure in writing that it has been the subject of several controversies in the first days of release. It's totally inconsistent, often cringey, occasionally wrong, but absolutely captivating to watch on the move. Many of the games are described as trainwrecks, but only YIIK has been able to capture the "can not look the other way" element of the equation. In short, the game itself would: the two parallel universes where I love and hate this game exist in this universe at the same time.

The charming exterior.

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If there is something YIIK It does well, it is nailing a fantastic and unique aesthetic. The game is an urban role-playing game with a strong inspiration from the Mother series (or Land, for Westerners), and that is clearly shown with the designs, the background and the general feeling of the enemy's world. However, it is still his own piece of media, which refuses to mix with the crowd of Mother-Inspired games that have become strangely popular in the last decade. It's 3D in a way that looks like a game from the N64 era, with clear polygons and flat textures for models and environments. However, it also has some lovely illustrations for the main cast of characters during the cut scenes to the the Person Series, facial animations of the characters of characters that represent emotions during the court scenes. It's colorful and pleasantly retro, so it's a visually interesting game.

Musically, YIIK It does not disappoint either. Although there are a number of songs that are dissonant, repetitive and sometimes uncomfortable to listen to, they fit the world and the rest of the soundtrack in a way that many games do not achieve. It reminds me a lot Undertale so that YIIK & # 39; s The composer Andrew Allanson incorporates a singular motif throughout much of the soundtrack that unites everything. One of my favorite songs, entitled "Minor Conversation", is a delight for the way it portrays the nature of the world and its themes through a relatively simple song. The themes of tragedy and hopelessness that are fundamental to the narrative are found in the soundtrack, while the themes of hope and overcoming odds are manifested in many of the battle themes. Special recognition should be given to the track "Into the Mind", which was composed by Undertale 's Toby Fox. It's an incredible track by itself, and it fits perfectly with the rest of the game. You should also give some accessories to the cast of voices, who do an incredible job giving life to a script that is not so surprising.

To make matters worse, the fight itself, despite being a point of contention with many people, was one of my favorite parts of the game. It is your typical turn-based role-based combat, although it is played more as Paper mario or Legend of the Dragon than your typical turn-based game. Each attack that the group has has a minigame attached. If you do the minigame well, you inflict more damage. In addition, all enemy attacks have a minigame attached. Compared with something like Paper mario, these mini-games can be surprisingly complex, like the top-down action game you play for Vella's Banish ability or the Simon Says game for Claudio Bushido skill. It stays fresh to play, despite some problems that spoil the experience during the final stages of the game.

The skeletons in the closet.

All those great aspects of YIIK -And I really think they are great- they are not alone, however. Like the game's own narrative, there is a darkness that hides behind the nice retro exterior. I am talking about the true evil that the Internet has had when referring to this game as YIIKes.

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To start, let's play the fight again. It's fun at first, and it's still quite entertaining, but it's not without its problems. The game is slow, like in a really slow time. It's not just about the loading times in the Nintendo Switch version (which are almost Sonic 06-bad), which is about combat itself. The game includes acceleration and deceleration functions for combat. The deceleration is linked to the "Energy of Time" meter, and is used to succeed in the toughest minigames or to ensure you avoid enemy attacks. Acceleration is an optional feature, but necessary to use since all combat animations have twice the length they should have. An attack has four components: the transition to the mini-game, the mini-game itself (which can last more than 30 seconds), the attack animation itself, and then the animation that hits the enemy or that the enemy dodges. This applies to all attacks, including enemies. It's cinematic and fun to watch at first, but it gets boring and slow during later fights in the game. Even with acceleration, some fights last longer than they reasonably should.

But that's not the bad part of the game. It's annoying, but it's not necessarily that bad. The really bad part of the game is in the writing. Do you remember the webcomic fashion of the mid-2000s? Come back when Penny Arcade (the comic) and Ctrl-Alt-Del They were at their peak in popularity? The writing in these comics is, in retrospect, usually quite shameful, being a waste of references to the games and at the same time is quite devoid of jokes and real jokes. YIIK It has written on that level, and the biggest criminal is the same Alex Eggleston. He takes the cake as the most unpleasant RPG protagonist, dethroning the former king, Tales of the abyss. Luke He is pretentious, absorbed in himself, abusive and in general very embarrassed for most of the game. Even after he supposedly learned his lesson in Chapter 3, he still has some pretty bad lines, but he does not "I do not care about your dead sister." There are also some controversial issues and moments within the game, and after investigating them, the general experience hurts when you think about it. At least, maybe having a grave dedicated to Iwata in the backyard of a guy next to graves with jokes about them is a bit wrong.

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Line quips per line are bad, but even worse is the general narrative. It seems that he can never find his balance between "peculiar and crazy" and "stimulating and moving", and ends up failing to balance the two in a good way. Most notable is a misplaced joke during Chapter 3, where Rory's mom is "all leg" (also known as a giant leg), which follows directly to court scenes involving Alex as a massive tool on Rory's dead sister. There are a number of interesting ideas in history, particularly about how he plays with the concept of parallel universes, but ends up clumsily and fails to get the most out of some really interesting aspects. He is so close to being good, but falls short.

The irresistible disaster of all this.

These problems usually mean that the game would not be recommended. These problems should keep the game archived and sent to the abyss of darkness. And maybe he is there. However, despite all your problems, there is something incredibly convincing within YIIK I could not stop playing. The genuine heart that this game has is contagious, and there are still many interesting ideas and locations that a player will want to continue exploring and deepening, even if these ideas do not live up to their potential. The story itself, despite numerous idiosyncrasies and deafness in general, is fascinating to watch. And yes, even through get stuck in the walls, Open store menus during combat., if I have the Switch version, ask me if I'm using an Xbox One driver, delivering puzzles so they do not work, and even discovering that the main character is in love with a girl that is a reference to a real life tragedy in a somewhat insensitive way, did not stop me. This game is amazing to experience, even if it hurts. For those who love seeing the terrible stories that unfold, this game is the perfect trainwreck.

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